wedding invitation mistakes

Your wedding invitations are the first impression your guests will get of your wedding.
There are several mistakes you can make when it comes to wedding invitations. Here is a list of mistakes that you should avoid to spare you costs, inconvenience and embarrassment.

#1 Proof read your invitations before sending them to print:
To avoid having 200 invitations with a misspelled name or the wrong address printed for your wedding, proofread a sample of the invitations several times. Ask other members of your family to read it as well before you give your final approval to the invitation designer.

#2 Always order extra envelopes and invitations:
Whether you are writing the names of your guests on the envelopes, hiring a calligrapher or having them digitally printed, mistakes can still happen. It's always good to have extras on hand for any guests you may have forgotten to include in your final list.

#3 Properly address your guests envelopes:
Make sure that you, or whoever is responsible for the invitations, know the professional etiquette of addressing your guests. You don’t want to offend anyone by forgetting the spouse or not using the correct title (Mr., Mrs. or Dr.).

#4 Don't mail your invitations too late:
Start the process of your invitations at least 4 months ahead of your wedding, in order to avoid any last minute mistakes. It is recommended that you mail out your invitations 3 months before your wedding day. You need to give out international guests more notice. These guests will need to make travel arrangements that require advanced notice of your wedding day.



Beautiful bordeaux and gold

How opulant are these colours? Very common in traditional Indian weddings, it is elegant enough for anyone! Bordeaux sounds so much better than burgundy doesn't it? This colour pallette is gorgeous for fall or winter weddings.


fall inspired barn wedding

I can't get enough of Fall. I love the colours, the smells, the harvest, the holidays and the chilly mornings and sunny afternoons.  To me it is a magical time when the trees transform and brighten the landsape with their glorious hues of red, orange and yellow.  That being said, if I could plan my perfect wedding it would be in the Fall. This rustic barn has been dressed in elegant tableware and linens, crystal chandeliers and classic Chivari chairs. It amazes me how rustic can be so elegant! Hope you enjoy this Fall inspired wedding.


vintage and modern lace

I just love the feeling that vintage lace adds to a wedding. It blends the delicate lace of your grandmother's tablecloth or the modern lace on a classic wedding invitation. This wedding theme is delicate and has elements that bring back cherished memories of years gone by.


a little something blue

A classic combination of navy blue, alice blue and creamy chiffon! This is a sophisticated monogram wedding invitation on soft cream cardstock. Accented with a navy blue envelope and custom address label.  The inspiration board takes on all these elements in this classic combination of colours.